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New car Ford Fiesta R2

Aleksi Röyhkiö has great goals, new rally car ready for the 2018 season
Ford Fiesta R2 One of the interesting young rallying talents is Aleksi Röyhkiö whose goal in 2017 is to win youngster cup title in the Finnish Junior Championship. At the moment he is in second place in th series when two rallies are still to run in the late summer. For this season Röyhkiö, 17, was selected at the AKK's Driver Academy, which raises and trains young drivers towards international rallies. - Through the coaching I've received a lot more valuable lessons and help. It is a very important thing for me when taking the steps forward in my career, Aleksi admits. In the youngster category Röyhkiö is still driving with Renault Clio but new and faster car is already in the team’s garage. The Röyhkiö team has made investments and plans for the future. In the season 2018 Aleksi Röyhkiö will compete with Ford Fiesta R2 model, and he will move up to Finnish Rally Championshi series. - I've already been driving some tests with a new car, and it is a much faster machine. Maybe by the end of this season I’m able to compete first time with the R2 car. - The goal of the next season is to get valuable experience with the SM3-class and to drive better with pacenotes. The greater achievements will be looked from the 2019 season - and of course also the international events are in our minds, Aleksi Röyhkiö plans.

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Aleksi Röyhkiö "Supporting a young promising rally driver A couple of years ago Aleksi Röyhkiö sat behind the wheel of a proper rally car for the first time. Since then this talented young driver’s career has rocketed to new heights. Aleksi is following his father Tero Röyhkiö’s footsteps. Tero Röyhkiö has competed in Finland and in Europe, but is now taking a break as the whole family focuses on supporting Aleksi on his journey. 16-year old Aleksi is the youngest driver in Finland to be chosen for the AKK Motorsport Driver Academy program. Aleksi started the program at the end of last year as a rookie joining five other drivers practicing and studying how to become better both on and off track. This comprehensive training not only consists of car handling practice, but also includes personal fitness and nutrition programs. Alongside the training program and first year studies in high school, Aleksi tries to gain as much racing experience as possible. He is driving in the RSJM-series in Finland with a Renault Cli 1.6 and Estonian championship series with a more powerful Ford Fiesta R2. Goals are high; the focus for this year is to improve his driving skills, get familiar with the new Ford Fiesta R2, an finish the season on the podium. One day Aleksi hopes to compete in the WRC. Team LEDiL is following Aleksi’s development with great interest and wishes him the very best of luck and speed in future races!"